North-West Region Investments (2010)

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This page displays the investments made in the North-West region of Cameroon in 2010. The figures are budgeted expenditure, as well as engaged and liquidated spending.

The data has been re-organized into a system of focus sectors which group some of the chapters present in the original budget document into larger categories. The sector system is loosely based on the UN's COFOG scheme. The full mapping is presented below:

Focus SectorsBudget ChaptersShortened Label
Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentAgriculture and Rural DevelopmentAgriculture & Rural Dev.
Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Indust.
Forestry and WildlifeForestry & Wildlife
Economic AffairsCommunication
Economy, Planning and Regional DevelopmentEconomy & Planning
State Property And LandState Property
Housing and Urban DevelopmentUrban Development
Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Social Economy and HandicraftSmall & Medium Sized Enterprises
Posts and TelecommunicationsPost & Telecomm.
Employment and Vocational TrainingEmployment
EducationBasic Education
Higher Education
Scientific Research and InnovationsScientific Research
Secondary Education
Energy and WaterEnergy and WaterEnergy & Water
General public servicesCabinet of the PresidentPresident’s Cabinet
Directorate General for External ResearchDG for External Research
Secretariate General of the ANSG for External Research
Cabinet of the Prime MinisterPrime Minister’s Cabinet
Economic and Social Council
Foreign Affairs
Secretariate General
Territorial Administration and DecentralisationDecentralisation
Unspecified Category
Unspecified Category
Public Service and Administrative ReformPublic Sector Reform
Unspecified Category
HealthPublic Health
InfrastructurePublic Works
MiscellaneousGeneral Delegation for National SecurityDelegation for National Security
Sports and Physical EducationSports & PE
Environment and Nature ProtectionEnvironmental Protection
Labour and Social InsuranceSocial Insurance
Social Affairs
Women and Family AffairsWomen & Family